Sunday, 8 May 2016

Miss Tourism Nigeria CEO, Santiago Roberts & His 2014 Winner, Collete Nwadike Named 2016 Most Influential Pageant Personalities In Nigeria

Following Its Successful Winning Of The 'PAGEANT OF THE YEAR' Awards From The 2016 West African Fashion Awards, Qhue Concepts, Orgnizers Of The Miss Tourism Nigeria Pageant Are In The News Again.

The Brand CEO/President, Mr Santiago Roberts And Its 2014 Winner, Collete Nwadike Who In 2015 Also Became The First Black Girl To Win The Exquisite FACE OF THE UNIVERSE Crown, Have Been Named As 2 Of Nigeria's 20 Most Influential

Read Their Profile As Compiled And Written By Nigeria's No. 1 Pageant Portal, Edoziem CV

By @edoziemcvdotcom
Santiago Tee Roberts @houseofqhue
Role: Pageant Producer
The Pageant brand continues to fire up with a speedy and influential rate, and the man behind this is no other than Santiago Roberts- Founder of block buster pageants- Miss Tourism Nigeria (officially franchised to Miss Tourism World) and Mr Universe Nigeria. 

The Tourism brand now holds the record of the pageant with the "Most Franchised Affiliation". In over ten states in Nigeria like Miss Tourism Imo, Miss Tourism Abia,Miss Tourism Ogun, Miss Tourism Anambra, Miss Tourism Kwara, and so on, are all franchised to the Miss Tourism Nigeria Organization.

Terrific and also world-class, The Miss Tourism Nigeria 2015 edition won the best pageant in the West African Fashion Awards, also notched No.2 in the Top5 Pageant Finale of 2015 with that of 2016 in sight already.

By @edoziemcvdotcom
Collete Nwadike @colletenwadike
Role: Beauty Queen 

The Pageant Goddess- Collete Nwadike has become a household name in Nigerian and also is a revolutionary of the Miss Tourism Nigeria brand.

In 2015, She represented Nigeria in the Exquisite Face of the Universe Pageant in Sao Tome and emerged winner, thus becoming the first black to do so. A story to tell.
Collete has since then become an extraordinary personality transcending into a movie star in the process. 
Her pace-setting success is unrivalled and one to matched in no due time

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