Friday, 11 March 2016

Exclusive Interview with Santiago Roberts – President, Miss Tourism Nigeria, Mr Universe Nigeria & Mens Fashion Week Nigeria Organization

Exclusive Interview with Santiago Roberts  – President, Mr Universe Nigeria Organization

He is described by many as a the bundle of telent in a small package. He currently conrols Nigeria's second biggest pageant brands and by extention, the nations first and West Africas premeir Mens Fashion Week Project.

He has no doubt crowned some of Nigeria's finest Queens and Kings and despite his high placement in the society, he still remains humble and always ready to serve.

Meet Santiago Roberts - CEO Qhue Concepts (owners and producers of: Miss Tourism Nigeria, Mr Universe Nigeria & Mens Fashion Week Nigeria)

 1) Please describe yourself in a few words?

I will say Santiago is an an obsessively creative genius always looking for how to create the next spark. Somehow, I really can’t say when it started but I have got this huge ‘character flaw’ which is always trying to find that little detail that others tend to miss to add that little spark to creating an explosion; by explosion I mean something so small but creatively mountainous.
2) What hobby or activities you usually do in your spare time?
I love to read, travel ( oh I so love to fly)…I love to cook though these days, my ever busy schedule can barely accommodate that, I also love to hang out when I can with my close group of friends where I can be me without get afraid of being taped by a camera for someone’s fancy. I also loveeee to surf… I think at the moment, am an irreparable Internet junkie. Lol!
3) What is the biggest dream or ambition in your life?
That would be to touch as many lives that I am able to, especially each year when I tour over 18 states to select delegates for the Mr Universe Nigeria and Miss TourismNigeria pageant. It’s a thing of unexplainable joy seeing these young Nigerians who never would have thought in their wildest dreams within a month became instant sensation… Celebrities in their own rights and able to speak and have people listen to them. I am proud when I see contestants from our pageant system excelling in their various states and other chosen careers after being groomed and given professional training and guidance during their 10 days stay at the pageant house.
My biggest dream or ambition is to continue to see these young folks become a force to reckon with, not just as models put in in the corridors of power.
4) What is your message for all your fans and supporters?  Let Your Life Becomes Tomorrows Refernce Story Of Success…It Begins With Taking Life As A Gift And Appreciating It ANd Giving Back That Gift Which You Have Been Graciously Given… Let Someone Look At You Each Day And Smile Because You Have Been A Blessing To Them… Focus On The Positives Of Life… For Negativity Brings Nothing But Regrets And Sadness.
5) What is your motto? When prayer Becomes A Habit, Victory/Success Becomes A Lifestyle…
6) What are your favorite colors? White, Black & Blue
7) What is your favorite song?
That would be Songs from Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, Whitney Houston and John Legend… Any song from these  guys always have a way of getting me up and going… i love em songs..
8) What is your favorite food? Rice, Turkey Stew & Fried Plantain
9) What is your favorite movie? DreamGirls
10) What is your favorite animal? Dogs

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